Math Games and Calculators for Kids

Picture of a Math Game.You might think that math is all about memorizing facts and learning skills. As an adult, you'll need to know math when it's time to buy a car, find auto insurance, or choose the best loan. While it is important to work hard to learn important math skills, this doesn't need to be dull and boring. You can learn math and practice your skills by using special calculators and playing math games, too.


Calculators are useful tools for helping people find math answers quickly. Some calculators perform special functions such as finding the square root of a number or calculating a long-division problem. Some calculators will even talk to you as you press different numbers. You can use calculators for other tasks, such as converting numbers to Roman numerals and figuring out how many seconds old you are, too.

  • Talking Calculator: This talking calculator will say the numbers aloud when you touch the different keys.
  • Exactly How Old Are You?: If you've ever wondered how many days or minutes old you are, this calculator will tell you.
  • Square Root Calculator: Enter a number into this square root calculator and press calculate to learn the square root.
  • Kid's Calculator: This simple calculator will perform basic math operations for you.
  • Long-Division Calculator with Remainders: Long-division problems are no problem for this special calculator, which will perform each step and explain the process.
  • Scientific Calculator: This scientific calculator has all of the functions of a hand-held device.
  • Binary/Decimal Converter Calculator: Use this calculator to convert either decimal or binary numbers. Decimals are the types of numbers we usually use, while binary is number system used by computers that only includes the numbers one and zero.
  • Kids' Calculator: Figure out how much money you will save with this savings calculator.
  • Investing Calculator: If you want to see how investments can make money for you, use this calculating tool.
  • Kids' Calculating Tool: This calculating tool helps kids enter a specific amount of money to see how much they will have after saving for a specific period of time.
  • When Will You Be a Millionaire?: Explore how much money a million dollars is with this handy tool.
  • Number to Roman Numeral Converter: Use this tool to convert numbers to Roman numerals.
  • A "Cat Years" Calculator: Cat years are different from human years. Use this tool to convert your cat's age to human years.
  • Online Calculator: Tap the numbers on this online calculator to add, subtract, multiply, or divide.
  • Place Value of a Number: If you're unsure about place value, this tool will tell you the place value of digits of a number.

Math Games

Practice math skills while playing games. Some games involve playing on the computer against yourself. You can set up other games for playing at home or outdoors. You could even learn amazing tricks to enable you to surprise your friends and family with numbers.

Homework Help

As you're learning math at school and bringing homework home, you might need extra help. Homework helpers can help you learn special skills, such as calculating percentages. When you get older and need an auto loan to buy a car, you will then know how to calculate the compound interest charged to you for the loan. Some homework helpers help you in other ways, like by making flash cards or showing you how to convert measurements.